Interface RedisCommands

All Superinterfaces:
RedisConnectionCommands, RedisGeoCommands, RedisHashCommands, RedisHyperLogLogCommands, RedisKeyCommands, RedisListCommands, RedisPubSubCommands, RedisScriptingCommands, RedisServerCommands, RedisSetCommands, RedisStreamCommands, RedisStringCommands, RedisTxCommands, RedisZSetCommands
All Known Subinterfaces:
DefaultedRedisClusterConnection, DefaultedRedisConnection, RedisClusterConnection, RedisConnection, RedisConnectionUtils.RedisConnectionProxy, StringRedisConnection
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractRedisConnection, DefaultStringRedisConnection, JedisClusterConnection, JedisConnection, LettuceClusterConnection, LettuceConnection

Interface defining the commands supported by Redis.
Costin Leau, Christoph Strobl, Mark Paluch
  • Method Details

    • execute

      @Nullable Object execute(String command, byte[]... args)
      Native or raw execution of the given Redis command along with the given arguments.

      The command is executed as is, with as little interpretation as possible - it is up to the caller to take care of any processing of arguments or the result.

      command - Redis command to execute; must not be null.
      args - optional array of command arguments; may be empty;
      the execution result; may be null.