Upgrading from 5.1.x to 5.2.x

This section describes breaking changes from version 5.1.x to 5.2.x and how removed features can be replaced by new introduced features.

Breaking Changes

Bulk failures

In the org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.BulkFailureException class, the return type of the getFailedDocuments is changed from Map<String, String> to Map<String, FailureDetails>, which allows to get additional details about failure reasons.

The definition of the FailureDetails class (inner to BulkFailureException):

public record FailureDetails(Integer status, String errorMessage) {

scripted and runtime fields

The classes org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.RuntimeField and org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.query.ScriptType have been moved to the subpackage org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.query.

The type parameter of the ScriptData constructor is not nullable any longer.


Removal of deprecated code

  • All the code using the old deprecated RestHighLevelClient has been removed. The default Elasticsearch client used since version 5.0 is the (not so) new Elasticsearch Java client.

  • The org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.client.ClientLogger class has been removed. This logger was configured with the org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.client.WIRE setting, but was not working with all clients. From version 5 on, use the trace logger available in the Elasticsearch Java client, see Client Logging.

  • The method org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.ElasticsearchOperations.stringIdRepresentation(Object) has been removed, use the convertId(Object) method defined in the same interface instead.

  • The class org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.Range has been removed, use org.springframework.data.domain.Range instead.

  • The methods org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.query.IndexQuery.getParentId() and `setParentId(String) have been removed, they weren’t used anymore and were no-ops. It has been removed from the org.springframework.data.elasticsearch.core.query.IndexQuery class as well.