All Classes and Interfaces

Implementation base class to delegate the higher level methods of EntityLinks by delegating to the more fine grained ones to reduce the implementation effort for actual implementation classes.
Hold the AffordanceModels for all supported media types.
Collection of attributes needed to render any form of hypermedia.
Payload metadata for incoming requests.
A named component.
Metadata about payloads.
Metadata about the property model of a representation.
SPI for a type that can get AffordanceModel.PropertyMetadata applied.
SPI for media type implementations to create a specific AffordanceModel for a ConfiguredAffordance.
Operations commons to all builder APIs.
Primary API to construct Affordance instances.
An ALPS document.
LinkDiscoverer implementation to find ALPS-based links.
Simply helper to reference a dedicated attribute of an Annotation.
LinkRelationProvider that evaluates the Relation annotation on entity types.
MappingDiscoverer implementation that inspects mappings from a particular annotation.
Simples LinkBuilder implementation possible.
Caching adapter of MappingDiscoverer.
LinkDiscoverer implementation based on JSON Collection link structure.
General helper to easily create a wrapper for a collection of entities.
Custom mixin to to render collection content as _embedded.
An affordance in creation.
A HandlerInstantiator that will use instances explicitly registered with it but fall back to lookup or even create a fresh instance via the AutowireCapableBeanFactory provided on construction.
A configure affordance for inspection by media type implementations to create AffordanceModel instances.
EntityLinks implementation which assumes a certain URI mapping structure: A class-level ExposesResourceFor annotation to declare that the annotated controller exposes collection and item resources for. An RequestMapping annotation to form the base URI of the collection resource. A controller method with a mapping annotation to actually handle at least one HTTP method. A controller method that maps a subordinate resource taking a path variable to identify an item resource.
FactoryBean implementation to create ControllerEntityLinks instances looking up controller classes from an ApplicationContext.
LinkRelationProvider inspecting ExposesResourceFor annotations on controller classes.
A BeanRegistrationAotProcessor that contributes proxy types for return types of controller methods so that can be pointed to by DummyInvocationUtils, i.e. creating links via fake method invocations.
API to provide HAL curie information for links.
Default implementation of CurieProvider rendering a single configurable UriTemplate based curie.
Value object to get the curie Link rendered in JSON.
Default implementation of LinkRelationProvider to simply use the uncapitalized version of the given type's name as item resource LinkRelation as well as an appended List for the collection resource LinkRelation.
EntityLinks implementation that delegates to the EntityLinks instances registered in the PluginRegistry given on instance creation.
A value object for an ALPS descriptor.
A value object for an ALPS doc element.
Utility methods to capture dummy method invocations.
A wrapper to handle values to be embedded into a EntityModel.
Interface to mark objects that are aware of the rel they'd like to be exposed under.
Activates hypermedia support in the ApplicationContext.
Hypermedia representation types supported.
Accessor to links pointing to controllers backing an entity type.
A simple EntityModel wrapping a domain object and adding links to it.
LinkRelationProvider implementation using the Evo Inflector implementation of an algorithmic approach to English plurals.
Annotation to demarcate controllers that expose URI templates of a structure according to ControllerEntityLinks.
A value object for an ALPS ext element.
Enum for all ALPS doc formats.
HAL specific configuration.
Configuration option how to render single links of a given LinkRelation.
HAL-FORMS specific configuration extension of HalConfiguration.
HAL-FORMS based JsonPathLinkDiscoverer.
Representation of HAL-FORMS options attribute.
Representation of a remote options element.
A value object to describe prompted values for HAL-FORMS options' inline attribute or responses of resources pointed to by the link object.
LinkDiscoverer implementation based on HAL link structure.
Value object for HAL based LinkRelation, i.e. a relation that can be curied.
Simple builder interface to easily create multiple HalLinkRelations for a single curie.
Spring configuration to set up HAL support.
Builder API to create complex HAL representations exposing a HAL idiomatic API.
Common HATEOAS specific configuration.
Special ResponseEntity that exposes Link instances in the contained RepresentationModel as link headers instead of in the body.
Container for customizations to a single traverson "hop"
The types of HTML <input … /> elements.
Interface for registering custom hypermedia handlers.
Assembles hypermedia-based message converters and applies them to an existing RestTemplate.
Assembles Jackson2JsonEncoders and Jackson2JsonDecoders needed to wire a WebClient with hypermedia support.
Assembles Jackson2JsonEncoders and Jackson2JsonDecoders needed to wire a WebTestClient with hypermedia support.
Capture standard IANA-based link relations.
A list of well-defined URI schemes governed by IANA.
Annotation to declare a dedicated input type for a property of an representation model.
SPI interface for components that can derive an input type from a ResolvableType.
Jackson 2 module implementation to render CollectionModel, EntityModel, and RepresentationModel instances in Collection+JSON compatible JSON.
Serialize / deserialize all the parts of HAL-FORMS documents using Jackson.
Jackson 2 module implementation to render Link and RepresentationModel instances in HAL compatible JSON.
Helper to easily map embedded resources and find out whether they were curied.
HandlerInstantiator to create HAL-specific serializers, deserializers etc.
Custom JsonSerializer to render Link instances in HAL compatible JSON.
Custom JsonSerializer to render EntityModel-Lists in HAL compatible JSON.
Custom JsonSerializer to render Link instances in HAL compatible JSON.
JsonSerializer to only render Boolean values if they're set to true.
Jackson SimpleModule for UBER+JSON serializers and deserializers.
Jackson utility methods.
Simple Jackson serializers and deserializers.
Custom JsonDeserializer for Spring's MediaType using the MediaType.parseMediaType(String) method.
LinkDiscoverer that uses JsonPath to find links inside a representation.
Value object for links.
Builder to ease building Link instances.
Factory for LinkBuilder instances.
Base class to implement LinkBuilders based on a Spring MVC UriComponentsBuilder.
Interface to allow discovering links by relation type from some source.
Value object to wrap a PluginRegistry for LinkDiscoverer so that it's easier to inject them into clients wanting to lookup a LinkDiscoverer for a given MediaTypes.
Custom mixin to avoid rel attributes being rendered for HAL.
Interface for defining link relations.
API to provide LinkRelations for collections and items of the given type.
Value object to represent a list of Links.
The mode how to merge two Links instances.
Strategy interface to discover a URI mapping and related Affordances for either a given type or method.
Callback interface to customize media type-specific configuration.
Factory to provide instances of media type-specific configuration processed by MediaTypeConfigurationCustomizers.
SPI used to register internal media types through spring.factories.
Constants for well-known hypermedia types.
A simplified variant of MessageSourceAccessor to allow more direct replacement with a no-op implementation in case the target MessageSource is unavailable to avoid resolution overhead.
A Jackson serializer triggering message resolution via a MessageResolver for MessageSourceResolvable instances about to be serialized.
Extension of LinkBuilderFactory for implementations that also support creating LinkBuilders by pointing to a method.
Value object to represent MethodParameters to allow to easily find the ones with a given annotation.
Syntactic sugar to create Link instances from MvcUriComponentsBuilder invocations.
Annotation to be used in combination with RequestParam to indicate that collection based values are supposed to be rendered as non-composite values, i.e. like param=value1,value2,value3 rather than param=value1&param=value2 when generating links by pointing to controller methods.
DTO to implement binding response representations of pageable collections.
Value object for pagination metadata.
Encapsulation of an RFC-7807 Problem code.
Representation of a web request's query parameter (
Annotation to configure the relation to be used when embedding objects in HAL representations of EntityModels and CollectionModel.
Base class for DTOs to collect links.
Interface for components that convert a domain type into a RepresentationModel.
Base class to implement RepresentationModelAssemblers.
Custom mixin to render Links in HAL.
SPI interface to allow components to process the RepresentationModel instances returned from Spring MVC controllers.
HandlerMethodReturnValueHandler to post-process the objects returned from controller methods using the configured RepresentationModelProcessors.
Component to easily invoke all RepresentationModelProcessor instances registered for values of type RepresentationModel.
RepresentationModelProcessorInvoker.ProcessorWrapper for RepresentationModelProcessors targeting CollectionModel.
A RepresentationModelAssembler based purely on the domain type, using EntityRepresentationModel<T> as the enclosing representation model type.
DTO to implement binding response representations of Slice collections.
Value object for slice metadata.
Extract information needed to assemble an Affordance from a Spring MVC web method.
A single template variable.
The cardinality of the TemplateVariable.
An enumeration for all supported variable types.
A LinkBuilderSupport extension that can keep a list of TemplateVariables around.
Wrapper type for a collection of TemplateVariable.
Component to ease traversing hypermedia APIs by following links with relation types.
SPI that exposes HttpMessageConverters and LinkDiscoverers to be used by default by Traverson.
An enum for ALPS descriptor types
Extension of MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter to constrain the ability to read and write HTTP message based on the target type.
Entity links API to create Links and LinkBuilder instances based on an identifier function.
Extension of TypedEntityLinks that exposes the ability to create links to collection resources as well.
Helper to easily create ParameterizedTypeReference instances to Spring HATEOAS resource types.
A ParameterizedTypeReference to return a CollectionModel of some type.
A ParameterizedTypeReference to return a EntityModel of some type.
A ParameterizedTypeReference to return a PagedModel of some type.
Find links by rel in an UBER+JSON representation.
SPI callback to enhance a UriComponentsBuilder when referring to a method through a dummy method invocation.
A URI mapping on a controller method.
Custom URI template to support qualified URI template variables.
Builds and caches UriTemplate instances.
since 1.1, use Problem to form vendor neutral error messages.
Use Problem to form vendor neutral error messages.
Value type to handle registration of hypermedia related HttpMessageConverters.
Utility for building reactive Links.
Intermediate representation of a Link within a reactive pipeline to easily add Affordances from method invocations.
Utility for taking a method invocation and extracting a LinkBuilder.
Builder to ease building Link instances pointing to Spring MVC controllers.
Factory for LinkBuilderSupport instances based on the request mapping annotated on the given controller.
Utility to glean what web stack is currently available.