Interface ReactiveCouchbaseOperations

All Superinterfaces:
ReactiveExistsByIdOperation, ReactiveFindByAnalyticsOperation, ReactiveFindByIdOperation, ReactiveFindByQueryOperation, ReactiveFindFromReplicasByIdOperation, ReactiveFluentCouchbaseOperations, ReactiveInsertByIdOperation, ReactiveMutateInByIdOperation, ReactiveRangeScanOperation, ReactiveRemoveByIdOperation, ReactiveRemoveByQueryOperation, ReactiveReplaceByIdOperation, ReactiveUpsertByIdOperation
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public interface ReactiveCouchbaseOperations extends ReactiveFluentCouchbaseOperations
Defines common operations on the Couchbase data source, most commonly implemented by ReactiveCouchbaseTemplate.
Michael Nitschinger, Michael Reiche
  • Method Details

    • getConverter

      CouchbaseConverter getConverter()
      Returns the converter used for this template/operations.
    • getBucketName

      String getBucketName()
      The name of the bucket used.
    • getScopeName

      String getScopeName()
      The name of the scope used, null if the default scope is used.
    • getCouchbaseClientFactory

      CouchbaseClientFactory getCouchbaseClientFactory()
      Returns the underlying client factory.
    • save

      <T> reactor.core.publisher.Mono<T> save(T entity, String... scopeAndCollection)
      Save the entity to couchbase.
      If there is no version property on the entity class, and this is in a transaction, use insert.
      If there is no version property on the entity class, and this is not in a transaction, use upsert.
      If there is a version property on the entity class, and it is non-zero, then this is an existing document, use replace.
      Otherwise, there is a version property for the entity, but it is zero or null, use insert.
      Type Parameters:
      T - the entity class
      entity - the entity to save in couchbase
      scopeAndCollection - for use by repositories only. these are varargs for the scope and collection.
    • count

      <T> reactor.core.publisher.Mono<Long> count(Query query, Class<T> domainType)
      Returns the count of documents found by the query.
      Type Parameters:
      T -
      query -
      domainType -
    • getConsistency getConsistency()
      the default consistency to use for queries