Upgrading Notes

Upgrading to 0.8.1

Former spring-ai-vertex-ai has been renamed to spring-ai-vertex-ai-palm2 and spring-ai-vertex-ai-spring-boot-starter has been renamed to spring-ai-vertex-ai-palm2-spring-boot-starter.

So, you need to change the dependency from




and the related Boot starter for the Palm2 model has changed from



  • Renamed Classes (01.03.2024)

    • VertexAiApi → VertexAiPalm2Api

    • VertexAiClientChat → VertexAiPalm2ChatClient

    • VertexAiEmbeddingClient → VertexAiPalm2EmbeddingClient

    • VertexAiChatOptions → VertexAiPalm2ChatOptions

Upgrading to 0.8.0

January 24, 2024 Update

  • Moving the prompt and messages and metadata packages to subpackages of org.sf.ai.chat

  • New functionality is text to image clients. Classes are OpenAiImageClient and StabilityAiImageClient. See the integration tests for usage, docs are coming soon.

  • A new package model that contains interfaces and base classes to support creating AI Model Clients for any input/output data type combination. At the moment the chat and image model packages implement this. We will be updating the embedding package to this new model soon.

  • A new "portable options" design pattern. We wanted to provide as much portability in the ChatClient as possible across different chat based AI Models. There is a common set of generation options and then those that are specific to a model provider. A sort of "duck typing" approach is used. ModelOptions in the model package is a marker interface indicating implementations of this class will provide the options for a model. See ImageOptions, a subinterface that defines portable options across all text→image ImageClient implementations. Then StabilityAiImageOptions and OpenAiImageOptions provide the options specific to each model provider. All options classes are created via a fluent API builder all can be passed into the portable ImageClient API. These option data types are using in autoconfiguration/configuration properties for the ImageClient implementations.

January 13, 2024 Update

The following OpenAi Autoconfiguration chat properties has changed

  • from spring.ai.openai.model to spring.ai.openai.chat.options.model.

  • from spring.ai.openai.temperature to spring.ai.openai.chat.options.temperature.

Find updated documentation about the OpenAi properties: docs.spring.io/spring-ai/reference/api/clients/openai-chat.html

December 27, 2023 Update

Merge SimplePersistentVectorStore and InMemoryVectorStore into SimpleVectorStore * Replace InMemoryVectorStore with SimpleVectorStore

December 20, 2023 Update

Refactor the Ollama client and related classes and package names

  • Replace the org.springframework.ai.ollama.client.OllamaClient by org.springframework.ai.ollama.OllamaChatClient.

  • The OllamaChatClient method signatures have changed.

  • Rename the org.springframework.ai.autoconfigure.ollama.OllamaProperties into org.springframework.ai.autoconfigure.ollama.OllamaChatProperties and change the suffix to: spring.ai.ollama.chat. Some of the properties have changed as well.

December 19, 2023 Update

Renaming of AiClient and related classes and package names

  • Rename AiClient to ChatClient

  • Rename AiResponse to ChatResponse

  • Rename AiStreamClient to StreamingChatClient

  • Rename package org.sf.ai.client to org.sf.ai.chat

Rename artifact ID of

  • transformers-embedding to spring-ai-transformers

Moved Maven modules from top-level directory and embedding-clients subdirectory to all be under a single models directory.

December 1, 2023

We are transitioning the project’s Group ID:

  • FROM: org.springframework.experimental.ai

  • TO: org.springframework.ai

Artifacts will still be hosted in the snapshot repository as shown below.

The main branch will move to the version 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT. It will be unstable for a week or two. Please use the 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT if you don’t want to be on the bleeding edge.

You can access 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT artifacts as before and still access 0.7.1-SNAPSHOT Documentation.

0.7.1-SNAPSHOT Dependencies

  • Azure OpenAI

  • OpenAI